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Towards an Ethics Charter for Near Eastern Archaeology and Assyriology


The field of Near Eastern Studies and its various disciplines, from Archaeology to Assyriology, from prehistory to modern times, are now more than ever in need of a charter addressing general ethical principles that concern all scholars in this field, both as individuals and collectively. Such a charter must also respect the autonomy of scholars and their freedom of expression. The current document constitutes a first step in that direction.

Research in the Near East

Spring 2017 Course- Museum Education

In Spring 2017, Dr. Victoria Aplenc of the Graduate School of Education will be offering EDUC545.008, Museum Education. This graduate level course will also accept upper level undergraduates.

What are museums? And how does their work relate to education? This graduate-level seminar provides an introduction into museum education, its history, pedagogical approaches, and challenges.

New Bill will Protect Ancient Sites in War Zones

Peter Stone, UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection and Peace, Newcastle University and Chair of the UK National Committee of the Blue Shield, welcomes the new Cultural Property Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech. The bill calls for “the UK to ratify the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the event of armed conflict, dealing in cultural property illegally exported from occupied territory to be made criminal offence, and property protected under the convention and its protocols to be identified by new Blue Shield”.