Nicole Ivy Lecture- Follow Up


Nicole Ivy, from the American Alliance of Museums, joined us on December 3rd to speak about the ideas and issues surrounding the archival of recent protests and the images used by or created in response to their movements.

Using ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ as an example for her discussion, she talked about ‪#‎museumsrespondtoferguson‬ and the efforts of cultural institutions to provide a forum for groups as well as using their collections as a means of sparking discussion.

"It's not the physical art installation, it's the circulation of the image, such that museums use to to frame a discussion around art and Ferguson and Black Lives Matter," Ivy said.

She also explained how the reappropriation of images changed the way people protested in the case of #BlackLivesMatter, particularly through social media. It was here that she brought up the troubling question of ownership in an era when image reproduction has never been easier.

The images included in this post include what museums can learn from the visual culture of protest produced by the #BlackLivesMatter campaign

To participate in ASAP: Archiving Student Activism at Princeton (which was mentioned in the lecture), further details can be found here

To learn more about Nicole's work with the Center for the Future of Museums head to their website