Spring 2017 Course- Museum Education


In Spring 2017, Dr. Victoria Aplenc of the Graduate School of Education will be offering EDUC545.008, Museum Education. This graduate level course will also accept upper level undergraduates.

What are museums? And how does their work relate to education? This graduate-level seminar provides an introduction into museum education, its history, pedagogical approaches, and challenges.

Since the 19th century, museums have played a key role in the collection and dissemination of knowledge and today their educational programs play a vital role in their relevance to local communities. In this seminar, we will focus on museums as educational institutions, with a focus on institutions in Philadelphia. The course will have three components: a historical review of the roles of museums; a focus on teaching and learning in museum education programs; and in-depth exploration of one institution’s exhibits and programs. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the different types of education programming that museums provide and the theoretical foundations of these programs. Students will review educational programming at a local institution, as well as develop a curriculum or exhibit as part of the course.