Apsara Iyer

Apsara Iyer is interested in empirical assessments of the threats to cultural heritage, from tourism to trafficking. Her most recent project, for Yale's Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy, evaluated transnational strategies for the protection of cultural heritage through interviews in Peru, Colombia, and Turkey. Through previous field research in Peru and India, she has aimed to quantitatively analyze the factors that motivate the formation of illicit markets for cultural property. As a Bouchet Fellow at Yale University, she studied the role of "taboo trade-off" deliberations in the valuation of artifacts by local Peruvian vendors. She is a volunteer researcher at the Trafficking Culture initiative, based out of the Scottish Center for Crime and Justice Research, and contributor to the Cultural Property Repatriation Index. She graduated with B.A. in Economics & Mathematics and Spanish at Yale University and is currently pursuing an MPhil in Economics at the University of Oxford.